Lemongrass Oil

By special order, we have capability to produce Lemongrass Oil.
 Lemongrass stem (or called Kamijara in Javanese) is very well known used as food and drink ingredients. 
It has soft lemon like odor which contributes to the specific taste of food and drink. 
Lemongrass Oil can be steam distilled from the leaves of lemongrass plant.  
The oil has very strong smell of lemongrass and can be used as food additives, as well as perfume or aroma therapy component.

As the lemongrass leaves are not traded in a large amount, we receive order to produce lemongrass oil in a limited quantity. However, you are welcome to contact us for further discussion should you have constant requirement of lemongrass oil.

Products :
- Lemongrass Oil

Production Capacity :
- 1,000 Kgs / year

Packaging :
- 25 Kg Jerry Can
- 180 Kgs Plastic Drums