Cajuput oil

Cajuput oil is a volatile oil obtained by distillation from the leaves of the myrtaceous trees Melaleuca leucadendra, Melaleuca cajuputi, and probably other Melaleuca species. 
Our produced Oil comes from the trees found throughout Java and Ambon Islands of Indonesia.  
The majority of the oil is produced on the Indonesian island of Java and Sulawesi. 
The name “cajeput” is derived from its Indonesian name, “kayu putih” or "white wood".
The oil is prepared from leaves collected on a hot dry day, macerated in water, and distilled after fermenting for a night. 
This oil is extremely pungent, and has the odor of a mixture of turpentine and camphor. 
It consists mainly of cineol.  
It is frequently employed externally as a counterirritant
It is an ingredient in some liniments for sore muscles such as Tiger Balm (Singaporean Brand) and Indonesian traditional medicine called Minyak Telon.
It is also used as an ingredient in inhalants/decongestants and topical pain/inflammation remedies such as Olbas Oil.

Cajeput is used for the treatment of bacterial or fungal infections in fish. 
Common brand names containing Cajeput are Melafix and Bettafix. 
Melafix is a stronger concentration and Bettafix is a lower concentration that makes it harder to overdose smaller fish, especially bettas. 
It is most commonly used to promote fin and tissue regrowth, but is also effective in treating other conditions, such as fin rot or velvet. The remedy is used mostly on betta fish.

Products : 
- Cajeput Oil

Production Capacity :
- 12,000 Kgs / year

Packaging :
- 25 Kg Jerry Can
- 180 Kgs Plastic Drums