Clove Leaf Oil

The oil is extracted from leaves of clove plants (Myrtaceae Family , Eugenia Caryophyllata).
 During clove fruit harvest season, the leaves of the clove tree fall down to the ground. 
As the leaves are wasted by the clove fruits producers, they are picked up by leaf collector to be processed further to become very valuable products.
It can be said that the production of clove leaf oil starts from the dry leaves pickers, further to the leaf collectors, steam distillers, clove leaf oil collectors, then to the final Exporters before it reached worldwide consumers.

Our clove leaf oil is produced directly from the distillers. 
The products are then homogenized in our crude clove oil storage and quality controlled to meet our customer quality expectation. 
The Eugenol content of the crude clove leaf oil products is maintained minimum 72%. 
The clove leaf oil has strong odor and spicy taste of clove. 
It has excellent antiseptic properties and widely used to help relieve toothache, rheumatism, arthritic pain, and mouth sores. 

- Clove Leaf Oil
- Rectified Clove Oil 85% clear/ dark
 - Crude Eugenol Dark 99% 
Eugenol Clear 99%
- Eugenol USP 99,5% 

Production Capacity 
- 60,000 Kgs / year 

- 25 Kg Jerry Can
= 200 Kgs Plastic Drums