About Us

CV Aromatik Jaya is an Indonesian essential oil company focusing on natural products and raw materials  for flavors and fragrance, aromatic and cosmetic applications, pharmaceutical, as well as food and beverages industries.
Our company was started as a family-owned business since 1995 in Java Island, Indonesia. Our founder traditionally initiate a collaboration with our own network of farmers to produce clove leaf and stem oil, patchouli oil and citronella oils directly from plant source origin. We have supplied Indonesian local market for many years since our presence in the industry. The second generation of the family business is a Chemist with European, Middle East and South East Asian Experiences. As part of our company leadership regeneration and business development, our family-owned business subsequently transformed into a formal business entity named CV Aromatik Jaya in 2017.
As a major concentration of our business, CV Aromatik Jaya focuses in producing 100% pure and natural Essential Oil from Indonesian plant origin. We dedicate our work into researching further potential development of Clove and/or Citronella Oils Derivate products. Our company pursues an international collaboration together with overseas business development to open our horizon towards more advanced Essential Oil based product development.
We strongly believe that by living our company core values: “Profesionalism – Commitment – Uprightness  - Humbleness – Openness”; our company will serve all of its stakeholders with proper business ethics and respect.
We see ourself in the future as a company which is willing to adapt with new technology development combined with solid chemistry background with an open minded way of dealing with our relevant business processes. 

Our Vision
To introduce and make Indonesian origin natural essential product and its derivates to become more accessible and well known to everybody in the world.
Our Mission
1.    To produce reliable and trustworthy Natural Essential Oil so that Everybody get the safe and best                        natural products
2.   To ensure highest posible product quality standard required by customers
3.   To apply chemistry and techlology knowledge in a research and development work so that we can 
       produce more useful product to world society
4.   To maintain good mutual benefit relationship between the company and farm distillers as well as giving             back to the nature what has been given to the human kind
5.   To always prioritize customer satisfaction in running all business processes